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How to Improve Your Brain Functions

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016

No matter how healthy you are or how much you are taking care of your health and your lifestyle in general, dealing with stress is an everyday task. Stressful events are all around you and they can happen anytime, there is always someone annoying you, waiting in lines, studying and working can also be stressful. That is why you have to take care of your brain and its function, even though it is the most complex organ of our body, taking care about it is not so complicated. You can improve your brain functions two ways by certain physical activity, improving your nutrition or by taking medication.

Meditation is the most popular cure for stress, we all know that there is no rational and clearly thinking when you are stressed, that is why you have to meditate. Sit, breathe deeply and you will soon become stress-free. Your worries will fade away with meditation and you will be able to solve your problems better. Meditation is not only going to help you think clearly, improvement of your mood and your memory are also its benefits, which means becoming a meditation practitioner will make you happy and cheerful person. Your cognitive functions will be greatly improved, which means you will find studying and remembering things easier than before.

As Popeye claimed, spinach is the healthiest food. Green vegetables can help you improving your brain functions as well. Dementia is the most common illness that affects mainly elderly people, however if you start taking care of your brain earlier, like now, you can prevent yourself from getting ill. Spinach and other green and leafy vegetables are the perfect way to make this happen. Vitamins and minerals in these vegetables will prevent you from getting dementia and antioxidants can prevent you from getting Parkinson’s disease or heart strokes. Popeye did not only got stronger because of eating spinach, he was smarter and better decision maker too.

Spinach and leafy vegetables are not the only food that can help you improve your cognitive and other brain functions, nuts and seeds are containing large quantities of zinc in it, why is that important you ask? Zinc is said to improve the nerve functions of your brain. Vitamin E in seeds and nuts can also improve your cognitive functions. Coffee is the drink many people consider bad for your health, the reality is just the opposite, it can have multiple benefits for your health such as improving your short term memory, improving your attention and recovering your brain after injuries and stressful events.

Noopept powder is the newest trend in medication that doctors recommend for improving your brain functions. Noopept powder is a type of nootropic medication which helps your brain functions and can have great influence on your learning skills, it is described as the best way to increase your remembering functions, learning and studying skills, and what makes it different from some other kind of medication recommended for your brain, it can actually improve your conversation skills as well. Perfect for students isn’t it?

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Nootropics and Their Effect on Alzheimer

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016

Millions of Americas suffer from Alzheimer and other types of dementia, more than five million of people have Alzheimer and it is a sixth leading cause of death in the United States. One out of three seniors dies due to this disease and it cost the whole nation unimaginable amount of money. And if you have ever encountered with this disease, then you know how serious it can be.

Not any treatment has proven to be effective in curing Alzheimer and dementia so far. It doesn’t show the signs of slowing down, nor it can be stopped. By 2025, it is estimated that a number of people who suffer from this disease and who are 65 or older will come up to an unimaginable figure of seven million. And that is a 40% increase. Scientists need to find a way to cure and prevent the development of this illness. Many of the patients and doctors started to look for additional solutions and nootropics were their first choice. We all know about the benefits of nootropics and their results in improving cognitive functions, but can they prevent dementia and help with a fight regarding Alzheimer, based on numerous studies ? The answer might be yes.

Huperzine A gives small hope in curing this illness. This type of nootropic has been studied for decades as a potential cure. In 1995, a placebo study has been performed, which included 103 persons who suffered from Alzheimer. The research has shown that 60% of patients who were treated with this drug increased their memory, behavioral functions and thinking.

In 2002, this study has been taken to another level. Now the research included 202 individuals who had a diagnosis of possible or probable Alzheimer illness. They were divided into two groups, the first one had been taking Huperzine A for twelve weeks on a daily basis and the other one received a placebo. The group that received regular treatment with Huperzine A showed improvement in mood, behavior, cognition and they had more energy and activity in everyday tasks.

But this is not the only drug that can help treating and preventing Alzheimer and dementia. Vinprocetine is another one that showed results in various studies. A study has been conducted with patients who suffered from a mild case of dementia. 203 individuals were submitted to controlled placebo research. The final result was a high level of use and efficiency of Viprocetine, regarding patients who had moderate organic syndromes.

There are a lot of studies now days that indicate beneficial use of nootropics regarding Alzheimer and dementia, but it is still early to talk about the final result and especially label one as a cure. They surely give us hope that one day will be able to cure this cruel illness and that we shouldn’t be discouraged with the results scientist managed to discover so far. One thing is for sure: if nootropics manage to set up even a small limit in treating this disease, with their development in the future the cure might be in our hands.



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What to do When your Memory gets Weaker

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

We all have those moments when we forget where we have put our house keys, or when we enter a room and forget what we wanted. There are plenty of factors influencing our concentration and memory, some of them being stress, fast-paced life, dealing with too many information and of course – the age. Most of the factors can be influenced on, except the age, which is a major factor of weakened memory. When you feel that the moments when you forget people’s names and misplace the items have become too common, it is definitely high time to start boosting your memory, and there are plenty of methods to improve your concentration, focus and memory.

  1. Keep learning we learn throughout our whole life, and it is one of the certain ways of making our brains fit. Therefore, do not be afraid to master a new skill from time to time, because it will help you focus. However, if you have trouble remembering, do not choose too complicated activities, but rather focus on manual activities or artwork, for example.
  2. Stimulate the senses – stimulating all your senses on daily basis may also help you sharpen up your brain’s activity. Therefore, do things that will arouse your senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste, in order to further improve your brain and its function.
  3. Do not cram your brain with information – we are overwhelmed by the information from many different sources from day to day. Try focusing on what is really important to you, reduce social networking and watching TV, and rather choose to take a walk or read a good book.
  4. Repeat what is important to you to rememberif you need to remember a particular piece of information, repeat it rather than just hearing it once. Try mnemonic techniques, associations and visualization in order to help you memorize all new pieces of information you receive and which are important.
  5. Exercise your brain – doing brain-exercising activities on daily basis will largely help you improve your cognitive abilities. Activities such as crossword puzzles, strategy games, chess and memory games are a useful way to exercise the brain. They have another benefit as well, and that is providing you with relaxation and rest from everyday activities and stress.
  6. Change the diet – a proper diet is another key factor to a healthy brain. Eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is an imperative for the healthy brain, and foods such as coldwater fish, egg yolks and nuts and seeds contain plenty of this fatty acid. Antioxidants are also important for the brain health, which is why you should make sure to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet as well.
  7. Take supplements – in addition to the diet, you can also take dietary supplements which improve memory and cognitive function. Supplements such as fish oil, Gingko Biloba extract, L-Theanine, Asian Ginseng are powerful allies in improving brain health, memory and overall cognitive functions.

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