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Phenylpiracetam – Increased Memory, Stamina and Work Productivity

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016

There are a lot of Nootropics on the market today, but only a few of them are good. If you are interested in improving your memory, learning capacity, work productivity and better efficiency under the stress,  research chemicals like Phenylpiracetam promise to deliver that. This supplement was first developed in Russia in the early 1990’s and now it is becoming available in the west as well.

But what is Phenylpiracetam? To understand better this subject, it is best to think of it as a redesigned version of Piracetam, which is original Nootropic. The main difference between these two supplements is that Phenylpiracetam has Phenyl molecules attached to its structure. This type of molecular structure is responsible why this supplement is 60 times stronger than the original Piracetam. To his benefits can also be added certain central nervous system stimulants and effects that Nootropic has.

Because of the Phenyl in its structure, this supplement if quicker and efficient and with a smaller dosage of this drug, the results are more effective. He will be activated faster and he will stay much longer in the system. Some research indicates that it is able to stay in the body up to five hours. And his side effect has proven to be safe for usage, then those connected with usage of Adderall.

phenylpiracetamBenefits of Phenylpiracetam: since this supplement resembles the Piracetam is it expected to have similar effects. And this is mainly true in relation to many of cognitive effects. The biggest characteristic of this supplement is increased memory and possible recall. Some consumers have experienced increased learning capacity, concentration, focus and mental energy. And this supplement is great in removing brain fog.

Based on numerous studies, this supplement has shown to be very effective regarding mood and movement. Which further indicates that Phenylpiracetam modifies different neurotransmitters and receptors. This involves NDMA Acetylcholine, GABA, and Dopamine. The dopamine is believed to be connected with mood and movement. This is why the usage of Phenylpiracetam was able to reduce motion sickness. In the animal test, this type of Nootropic has shown the reduce of fear and anxiety. There are also a number of additional benefits connected with this supplement, such as increased attention switching and patients who suffer from asthenia manage to solve problems much easier. The Phenylpiracetam manage to solve sleep deprivation for many users. An interesting fact is that this type of Nootropic increased the tolerance to cold.

PHENYLPIRACETAMWho can use this supplement? Best consumers are students and people who are overwhelmed with work. This remedy can help them stay awake during the studying and to increase their concentration and focus. Even their motivation is increased just after they take a small dosage of this supplement. It is proven to have calming effect because the stress and anxiety have been reduced and that is what every student needs before the big exam.

The biggest advantage of this supplement and what worries the consumers the most, does it create addiction? The answer is: definitely no.

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